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Every spring and New Year, meaningful Tet gift boxes become indispensable items in Vietnamese culture for generations. Because this is a sign that another spring has come with the wish of peace and fortune for the recipient. So if you don’t know what gift to give that is both beautiful and meaningful, please refer to Nut Corner’s Dai Loi Tet gift box model!

What’s in the Dai Loi Tet gift box?

Dai Loi Tet gift box is one of the beautiful designs that brings the meaning of progress and development, representing wishes for a successful career and wealth. This is considered a suitable suggestion for you to give to your friends, colleagues, and superiors every Tet holiday. The inside of the Dai Loi Tet gift box will include premium ingredients such as:

Dai Loi Tet gift box includes:

– Macadamia nuts 190gr (Australia)
– 200gr pure almonds (USA)
– Pistachios 190gr (USA)
– Almond butter 170gr
– Green Pumpkin Seeds 200gr (India)
– Walnut kernel 150gr (USA)
– Dried mango for export 200gr (Vietnam)
– Thomson raisins 200gr (Australia)
– Binh Phuoc cashew nuts 200gr (Vietnam)
– Engraved/printed wooden box

What does giving gifts for Tet 2024 mean?

Tet gifts 2023 are meaningful messages that each of us wants to send to our loved ones on the occasion of the upcoming Quy Mao spring. For grandparents and parents, a carefully chosen gift will show love, respect as well as gratitude for the efforts of birth and upbringing. Besides, Tet gift boxes given to friends and colleagues represent the meaning of respect, love and connection to each other in life and work.

Depending on each person’s purpose, they will choose different meaningful family or business Tet gifts. However, giving expensive Tet gifts doesn’t have to show your affection for the recipient. The most important thing is to fully express the desire to give, which the Tet gift box completely meets.

Why is Nut Corner a trusted Tet gift unit?

With many years of experience in providing Tet gifts to thousands of customers, Nut Corner is a place where you can trust and choose the product you like. Each gift basket is carefully and beautifully packaged with a variety of shapes inside. All Tet gift products at Nut Corner are imported genuine and have clear origin.

Coming here, customers are completely assured of quality and reasonable prices. Nut Corner’s Tet gift baskets will be meticulously and carefully packaged and guaranteed to have an expiration date at the time of delivery as announced. Thereby helping you create a beautiful, luxurious gift with full meaning.

Besides Dai Loi Tet gift boxes, this place also has many different designs, suitable for giving to customers, friends and partners. Let Nut Corner replace you with love when spring is near.


Choosing Nut Corner’s Dai Loi Tet gift box not only helps customers save time, effort, and money in a reasonable way. Besides, you can make a strong impression on your partner with this beautiful, luxurious and meaningful gift.

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